Florida Arrest in Case of Alleged Pennsylvania Elderly Exploitation

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In a significant breakthrough, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office revealed the arrest of Patrick Gorman, a 55-year-old Pennsylvania man with an extensive criminal history across multiple states. The arrest, made in Brevard County on February 4, 2024, followed a warrant issued by Polk County authorities, shedding light on a disturbing predatory scheme targeting vulnerable seniors.

Charges and Severe Allegations

Gorman faces a litany of serious charges, including Burglary of an Occupied Dwelling, Exploitation of the Elderly, and Grand Theft—offenses that underscore a calculated effort to defraud and exploit the trust of elderly victims. The arrest is the result of a comprehensive investigation initiated on January 18, 2024, triggered by a concerning discovery made by a relative of an elderly victim in Auburndale.

Discovery and Harrowing Account

The relative stumbled upon three personal checks totaling $24,550, all made out to Gorman. Of particular concern was a check earmarked for “Roof repair,” raising suspicions about the legitimacy of the transaction. The elderly victim recounted an unsettling encounter with Gorman on January 4th when he allegedly entered the victim’s home without invitation. Gorman presented pictures of a fictitious hole in the roof that he claimed to have repaired, demanding a staggering $8,750 for the purported work.

Despite the victim’s roof being only three years old and in good condition, as confirmed by a roofing expert, the elderly individual felt coerced into making the payment, highlighting the vulnerability of seniors to such predatory tactics.

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Law Enforcement Response and Determination for Justice

The Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, commended the victim’s family for their diligence in caring for their elderly relative and emphasized the need for stringent consequences for individuals like Gorman. Sheriff Judd stated, “Our hope is that this bad guy gets locked-up for a lengthy time, so he’s unable to take advantage of anyone else.”

Gorman’s audacious inclusion of his Pennsylvania driver’s license number on all three checks suggests a level of confidence in evading detection. However, the swift arrest signifies a commitment to holding perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Ongoing Investigation and Call for Victims to Come Forward

Given Gorman’s extensive criminal history and the nature of his latest offense, detectives from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office suspect there may be additional victims, not only within Polk County but potentially across state lines. They are urging anyone who believes they may have fallen victim to Patrick Gorman’s deceitful practices to come forward and contact Detective Wright at the Polk County Sheriff’s Office Vice Unit.

This arrest serves as a stark reminder of the importance of vigilance and community cooperation in safeguarding vulnerable populations, particularly seniors who may be targeted by unscrupulous individuals. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office remains dedicated to ensuring justice is served and encourages anyone with information to step forward.

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