GoFundMe for 7-Year-Old Attacked by Pack of Dogs in Minnesota Raises Almost $36,000

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In a frightening incident in St. Paul, Minnesota, 7-year-old Sumaya Farah Ali and her mother faced a traumatic dog attack while walking home from school. The family, who recently moved to the United States, started a GoFundMe campaign to cover the medical expenses for Sumaya’s recovery.

The response to the GoFundMe campaign has been heartening, with nearly $36,000 raised in a short period. This outpouring of support highlights the caring nature of the community in rallying behind a family dealing with the aftermath of a distressing event.

Sumaya’s ordeal unfolded last week when she and her mother encountered five to seven dogs near Dale Street and Van Buren Avenue. The dogs inflicted severe injuries on Sumaya’s nose, ear, and thigh. A local bystander, John Albert, stepped in to drive the dogs away, describing the distressing scene and the visible injuries on the young girl.

Albert’s teenage son, who witnessed the attack while walking home with Sumaya, played a crucial role in alerting his father. Albert’s quick intervention not only protected Sumaya but also underscored the urgency of addressing the issue of roaming dogs in the neighborhood.

Sumaya’s mother, Sacadiya Farah, displayed remarkable bravery during the attack, attempting to fend off the dogs and protect her daughter. In a translated interview, she expressed concerns about living in the area if the dogs were not caught promptly.

Prompt police response led to the discovery of Sumaya with severe injuries. Subsequently, five of the dogs involved were placed under the custody of local animal control, with the owner cooperating with law enforcement in the ongoing investigation.

Sumaya received medical treatment, including stitches for the bites on her nose, ear, and thigh. The family is now seeking access to a plastic surgeon to minimize scarring from the attack. The GoFundMe campaign aims to ease the financial burden of medical expenses and ensure Sumaya receives the necessary care for her recovery.

GoFundMe for 7-Year-Old Attacked by Pack of Dogs in Minnesota Raises Almost $36,000

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In a positive update on February 11, Sumaya’s family shared encouraging news about her progress. Despite the traumatic incident, there is no major damage to her eyesight. The swelling in her face has significantly reduced, and Sumaya is showing signs of happiness and normalcy. Regular doctor visits are part of her ongoing recovery process.

The incident in Minnesota adds to growing concerns about dog attacks in various communities. Earlier this month, a tragic incident occurred in Michigan, where a 40-year-old man, Harold Phillips, succumbed to injuries sustained in a brutal dog attack. These incidents emphasize the need for heightened awareness and measures to prevent such occurrences.

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