Manhattan Migrants Face Charges in $5,300 Shoplifting Spree and Drug Bust

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In a recent incident, three individuals residing in Manhattan’s Roosevelt Hotel—identified as Dugleidy Gonzalez-Riera, Yefferson Prieto-Galviz, and Morelis Blanco-Cineros—were apprehended after a traffic stop in Wayne, New Jersey.

The trio was involved in an alleged shoplifting spree and was found with a car filled with drugs and stolen goods worth $5,300.

According to Wayne Police Detective Captain Dan Daly, a search of their persons and the vehicle uncovered ecstasy pills, drug paraphernalia, and large quantities of stolen merchandise, including clothing, shoes, and fragrances from Ulta, Kohl’s, JC Penney, and Macy’s.

The police initiated the traffic stop after observing the car tailgating another vehicle, with an occupant not wearing a seat belt. None of the three occupants could provide a driver’s license or communicate in English. Furthermore, the license plate was found to belong to another vehicle.

Upon closer inspection, officers noticed clothing items from Ulta Beauty with attached store tags, prompting them to contact the store.

Ulta Beauty confirmed that items matching those found in the vehicle had been stolen within the last two hours and provided images of the suspects, leading to their subsequent arrest.

Manhattan Migrants Face Charges in $5,300 Shoplifting Spree and Drug Bust

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The suspects initially provided fake names, which were later corrected during the identification process. Each of the suspects faces charges such as receiving stolen property, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and shoplifting. Prieto-Galviz and Blanco-Cineros received additional charges of hindering apprehension.

All three individuals were residing at the Roosevelt Hotel, currently operating as a migrant shelter in Midtown Manhattan. Due to concerns about flight risk, the suspects are being held in custody in Passaic County Jail, awaiting detention hearings.

The Roosevelt Hotel was leased by New York City from Pakistan last June for $220 million for three years to serve as a shelter amid a significant influx of migrants from the southern border.

The shelter has faced challenges related to overcrowding, with asylum seekers sleeping on the ground and in cars parked outside. The incident adds to a series of arrests at the once-iconic hotel since migrants moved in.

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