Ohio’s Recreational Cannabis Law: Latest Updates on Rules

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Ohio’s move towards legalizing recreational marijuana continues, and WKBN 27 First News is keeping you informed on the latest rule-making developments.

The Division of Cannabis Control is in charge of publicly issuing and seeking comments on proposed rules. In the recent update, they addressed various aspects, including fees, identification, jobs, operator licenses, and dispensaries.

Key Points:

Cannabis Social Equity and Jobs Program:

  • The Division will collaborate with the Cannabis Social Equity & Jobs Program (CSEJ) by the Ohio Department of Development.
  • The CSEJ program will provide preferences during the application period to eligible participants.
  • Non-medical cannabis license applications under the CSEJ program are pending until the program is operational through Development.

Additional Cannabis Operator Licenses:

  • Following the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.) 3780.10, the Division will assess the need for additional cannabis operator licenses.
  • Reviews will occur 24 months after the initial issuance of an adult use operator license, and biannually thereafter.
  • The Division may authorize more application periods based on demand.
Ohio's Recreational Cannabis Law: Latest Updates on Rules


  • According to O.R.C. 3780.10(B), specific dispensary licenses (known as “10(B)” licenses) must be issued based on various criteria.
  • The proposed rules outline the number of licenses per entity depending on the type of medical marijuana cultivator or dispensary.

The Division emphasizes adherence to statutory requirements and proposes a specific process outlined in the rules. For a detailed overview, refer to the Business Impact Analysis.

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Ohio is sorting out the rules for legalizing recreational marijuana. They’re looking at things like fairness, licenses, and how dispensaries work.

The state is making sure the process is well thought out, so we’ll be keeping an eye on how it all unfolds. The journey to legalizing marijuana in Ohio involves a lot of careful planning and updates along the way.

Stay tuned for more updates on Ohio’s journey toward legalizing recreational marijuana.

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