Ohio Woman’s Stanley Cup Mug Takes a Bullet, Saves Her Life

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In Steubenville, Ohio, a Stanley Cup mug became an unexpected hero when it protected Rachel Kelley from a stray bullet. During a recent incident of gunfire near her home, the Stanley Cup mug took the hit, preventing potential harm to Kelley.

“We heard seven or eight gunshots, and then we heard one loud bang, so that was the bullet coming through the house,” Kelley explained.

The bullet, which was headed towards her, was stopped by the Stanley Cup. Kelley discovered her mug on the floor with a dent and marks, realizing it had acted as a shield.

“That is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” she exclaimed.

When the Steubenville police arrived, they were astonished by the unusual mug’s resilience. Kelley jokingly pleaded with them, saying, “Please don’t take my cup. I need that cup.”

Ohio Woman's Stanley Cup Mug Takes a Bullet, Saves Her Life

Kelley shared the incident on TikTok, gaining thousands of likes and comments. While some suggested getting rid of the mug, thinking it brought bad luck, Kelley declared, “I’m keeping it forever.”

Despite leaving a hole in the wall, the bullet caused no injuries. Kelley and her fiancé decided to move after the incident, and she developed a newfound appreciation for her Stanley Cup.

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“I would have never thought it’d be the saviour of my days, but I’m glad it was,” she expressed. “I will never make fun of those cups again.”

This extraordinary tale showcases how an everyday item like a Stanley Cup mug can unexpectedly become a lifesaver.

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