Trio of Baby Girls Born on Leap Day at Ohio Hospital

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In an amazing coincidence, Trinity Health System in Steubenville, Ohio, had not one, but three babies born on February 29, 2024 – a date that comes only once every four years. These special babies are affectionately called “leaplings,” and the chances of being born on a leap day are just 1 in 1500.

What makes this even more extraordinary is that all three newborns are girls, and they all share the same weight – a perfect 7 pounds each. Let’s welcome Baby Gianna, Baby Leona, and Baby Emery into the world!

Trio of Baby Girls Born on Leap Day at Ohio Hospital

While some people believe it’s bad luck to be born on leap day, the proud dads of these little ones see it differently. They’re excited that their daughters “get to stay young forever,” as their birthdays only come around once every four years.

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In a world with around 7.9 billion people, leaplings – those born on February 29 – are quite rare, making up about 4.8 million individuals. Congratulations to these three special families on the arrival of their leap day bundles of joy!

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