San Francisco Middle Schools Bring Back Algebra

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After years of debate, the San Francisco Unified School District is reintroducing algebra into the eighth-grade curriculum at some middle schools from the next academic year.

Seventh-grader Carlos Quintanilla from Presidio Middle School is excited about the opportunity to opt into algebra next year. Despite finding math challenging, he sees the value in pushing through for academic success.

For Carlos and his family, choosing algebra is a strategic decision aimed at improving his chances of attending a good college and pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor in the future.

The decision to offer algebra in eighth grade marks a significant shift from the previous policy, which delayed the course until high school. Critics argued that this delay limited students’ opportunities, especially those aiming for advanced math courses or college admission requirements.

Rex Ridgeway, a vocal critic of the old policy, advocated for change, emphasizing the importance of allowing students to pursue advanced math at an earlier stage.

Josie Marroquin, Ridgeway’s granddaughter, experienced the limitations of the old system firsthand, having to take two math courses in one year to accelerate her education.

San Francisco Middle Schools Bring Back Algebra

Proposition G, a ballot measure allowing voters to express their views on the issue, received overwhelming support, paving the way for algebra to be offered to eighth graders.

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Angelica Quintanilla, Carlos’s mother, believes that introducing algebra at a younger age is crucial for students’ academic development and future success.

While Carlos is considering opting into the algebra program, he acknowledges the challenge it may pose and questions if he is ready for it. However, he understands the importance of dedication and preparation for academic success.

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