Third Person Caught in L.A. County Shooting Rampage that Took 4 Lives

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In a distressing incident in southeastern Los Angeles County, a random murder spree resulted in the death of four people. Initially, two gang members, Gary Garcia Jr., 42, and Timberland Wayne McKneely, 20, were arrested in connection with the shootings.

However, authorities had mentioned a third suspect who was on the loose. Subsequently, it has been confirmed that the third person, a male juvenile, was arrested in Compton on Thursday night.

The juvenile’s identity and details about his role in the killings or any gang affiliations remain undisclosed. The case will be presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for potential charges.

This development completes the trio of suspects under investigation for the shooting spree that occurred over three hours in a five-mile radius covering Bell, Huntington Park, Cudahy, and unincorporated areas of L.A. County.

Gary Garcia Jr. and Timberland Wayne McKneely, both charged with four counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder, await legal proceedings. The charges against them were announced by the DA’s Office in connection with the tragic incidents that unfolded in the affected communities.

A poignant vigil was held on Friday to honor the youngest victim, 14-year-old Javier Pedraza Jr. The gathering occurred at the Ellen Ochoa Learning Center, close to where the teenager lost his life. Community activist Joseph Trevizu spoke at the vigil, emphasizing the need for increased measures to combat violence.

He called for the installation of surveillance cameras and shot-spotter technology on the streets, pointing out the prevalence of unreported shootings within communities.

Third Person Caught in L.A. County Shooting Rampage that Took 4 Lives

As the investigation progresses, the arrest of the third suspect offers some closure to the community, though questions about the motive and circumstances of the shooting spree linger.

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Legal proceedings against Garcia and McKneely will provide further insights into the tragic events that claimed four lives. The vigil for Javier Pedraza Jr. serves as a solemn reminder of the human toll of such incidents, prompting a collective call for action to ensure the safety of residents in the affected areas.

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