Unveiling California’s Top Gangs: Insights for Colorado’s Law Enforcement!

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Race Day LiveCalifornia grapples with a daunting challenge posed by gang violence, with over 6,000 active gangs operating within its borders. Among these, five notorious groups have gained infamy as the most dangerous, with some expanding their influence beyond California into neighboring states like Colorado.

The 18th Street Gang hailed as the largest gang in the Los Angeles area, commands a staggering membership of approximately 15,000 individuals solely within LA. Originating in the 1960s near 18th Street and Union in LA, this gang has since proliferated its reach, with scattered presence reported in Colorado.

Similarly, the West Coast Bloods, known colloquially as “Bloods,” emerged as a counterforce to the Crips and have burgeoned to nearly 20,000 members nationwide. A substantial faction of this gang is concentrated in the LA area, with tendrils extending into Colorado.

The Crips, established in the 1960s in LA, surpass their rival gang, the Bloods, with an estimated 50,000 members nationwide. Their footprint extends beyond California’s borders, encompassing states like Colorado.

Unveiling California's Top Gangs: Insights for Colorado's Law Enforcement

The 38th Street Gang, tracing its origins back to the 1920s in South Central LA, gained notoriety primarily for its involvement in drug trafficking. While predominantly concentrated in California, this gang has also left its mark in other states, including Colorado.

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The Sureños, originating in Southern California, pay homage to the Mexican Mafia and boast a formidable presence nationwide. Their influence spans across multiple states, including Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and notably, Colorado.

Despite gang activity in Colorado not reaching the same intensity as in California, the incursion of these notorious gangs across state lines presents a persistent challenge for law enforcement agencies, necessitating vigilant efforts to mitigate their impact on communities both within and beyond California’s borders.

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