Abbott Applauds Success of Operation Lone Star

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Governor Greg Abbott of Texas expressed satisfaction with the results of Operation Lone Star, his initiative to curb irregular migration, citing a significant decrease in illegal border crossings into the state as reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Operation Lone Star Success

Abbott hailed Operation Lone Star as effective, pointing to data from CBP indicating a 28 per cent reduction in encounters between law enforcement and migrants suspected of illegal entry into Texas.

In contrast, neighbouring states California and Arizona, both led by Democratic governors, saw increases of 35 per cent and 52 per cent, respectively, during the same period.

Decrease in Illegal Crossings:

The governor highlighted the success of measures such as border walls, razor wire barriers, National Guard deployment, and arrests by the Texas Department of Public Safety in deterring illegal immigration.

CBP Data Analysis:

CBP data revealed declines in illegal crossings across all five border control regions in Texas, with significant decreases in Big Bend and El Paso at -65 per cent and -47 per cent, respectively.

Abbott Applauds Success of Operation Lone Star

Reaction from Republican Figures:

Arizona Republican Kari Lake expressed concerns about the surge of illegal border crossings into her state, attributing it to Abbott’s efforts to secure the Texas border. Lake criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policy, labelling it the “largest human trafficking operation the world has ever known.”

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Federal Court Ruling on Texas Senate Bill 4:

A federal appeals court placed Texas Senate Bill 4, which permits state law enforcement to arrest and deport irregular migrants, on hold following a 6-3 Supreme Court decision. The legislation, supported by Abbott, has sparked controversy due to the federal government’s traditional responsibility for immigration matters.

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