Ohio Governor Seeks Federal Disaster Declaration for Tornado-Hit Areas

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Governor Mike DeWine of Ohio has officially asked President Biden’s administration to declare a major disaster in the state. This request follows the severe storms and tornadoes that caused significant damage earlier this month.

Teams from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) surveyed the storm-related destruction in 11 Ohio counties. Among them is Logan County, where a powerful EF3 tornado wreaked havoc.

Governor DeWine emphasized his commitment to supporting those affected by the tornadoes. He assured that the state would do everything possible to aid individuals who lost their homes or businesses, or whose properties suffered severe damage. Specifically, he mentioned Indian Lake and its surrounding communities as priority areas for relief efforts.

To expedite assistance, Governor DeWine is overseeing the development of state-level financial relief programs.

These programs will be designed to provide support to individuals and businesses in collaboration with the Ohio General Assembly. This initiative aims to complement federal aid while awaiting approval from the federal government.

Ohio Governor Seeks Federal Disaster Declaration for Tornado-Hit Areas

Additionally, Governor DeWine is seeking relief from the Small Business Administration (SBA), which offers low-interest loans to help cover eligible damages for affected businesses and individuals.

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Governor DeWine acknowledged that obtaining a disaster declaration could be a lengthy process, but he highlighted that the SBA could begin preparing for loan applications just 21 days after his initial request letter on March 29th.

Overall, Governor DeWine’s actions reflect Ohio’s dedication to assisting its residents in times of crisis and ensuring that necessary support reaches communities affected by natural disasters.

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