Analyzing Formula 1 2024: Monitoring the Swiftest and Slowest Corners

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The upcoming Formula 1 season promises excitement as it visits 24 diverse tracks, each offering a unique challenge to drivers and fans alike. As we gear up for this record-breaking season, let’s delve into the data provided by the Mercedes Archive to discover the fastest and slowest corners that will define the 2024 F1 experience.

The Slowest Corners in F1: Mastering Precision

1. Circuit de Monaco – Loews Hairpin (27mph/45kph)

Unsurprisingly, the slowest corner on any F1 track retains its crown at the Circuit de Monaco. The Loews Hairpin, with a maximum speed of 27mph (45kph) in 2023, demands precision as drivers navigate the iconic turn, brushing against the walls in a display of skill.

2. Circuit de Monaco – Nouvelle Chicane & Anthony Noghes (34mph/55kph)

The Nouvelle Chicane and Anthony Noghes corners at Circuit de Monaco follow closely, each with a top speed of just 34mph (55kph) during the 2023 season. These turns, steeped in history and challenge, add complexity to the already demanding Monaco circuit.

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3. Marina Bay Street Circuit – Turn 13 (34mph/55kph)

Singapore’s Marina Bay Street Circuit presents its slowest challenge at Turn 13, where cars navigate at a maximum speed of 34mph (55kph). The circuit’s harborside location and tight turns make it a spectacle for both drivers and spectators.

4. Miami International Autodrome – Turn 17 (37mph/60kph)

Miami’s Autodrome contributes to the list with Turn 17, a hairpin demanding cars to reduce their speed to a mere 37mph (60kph). The temporary track at the Hard Rock Stadium showcases the diversity of challenges across F1 circuits.

5. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – Turn 10 (37mph/60kph)

In Canada, the hairpin at Turn 10 on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve slows down the action to 37mph (60kph). The design of the corner allows for various lines of entry, promoting overtaking opportunities on the apex or exit.

6. Suzuka International Circuit – Turn 11 (37mph/60kph)

Japan’s Suzuka International Circuit adds its flair to the slow corners list with Turn 11, featuring a maximum speed of 37mph (60kph). The challenging nature of this hairpin makes it a potential overtaking spot, adding strategic depth to the race.

The Fastest Corners in F1: Defying Speed Barriers

1. Las Vegas Strip Circuit – Turn 17 (195mph/315kph)

The newest addition to the F1 calendar, the Las Vegas Strip Circuit, takes the crown for the fastest corner of the 2023 season at Turn 17, reaching an astounding speed of 195mph (315kph). The street circuit’s design allows cars to weave through landmarks, hotels, and casinos.

2. Las Vegas Strip Circuit – Turn 13 (192mph/310kph)

Turn 13 of the Las Vegas Strip Circuit secures its place as the second-fastest corner, witnessing cars reaching speeds of 192mph (310kph). The circuit’s layout offers a thrilling spectacle as drivers navigate high-speed sections down the iconic Las Vegas Strip.

3. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – Courbe Paul Frere & Blanchimont (192mph/310kph)

Belgium’s legendary Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps boasts two high-speed corners, Courbe Paul Frere and Blanchimont, each hitting a maximum speed of 192mph (310kph) in 2023. These corners, with their storied history, test the mettle of F1 drivers.

4. Jeddah Corniche Circuit – Turn 26 (189mph/305kph)

The Jeddah Corniche Circuit in Saudi Arabia makes its mark on the fastest corners list with Turn 26, clocking in at 189mph (305kph). Despite having just one corner in the top five fastest, the circuit’s overall layout contributes to its reputation as one of the fastest tracks.

5. Baku City Circuit – Turn 20 (189mph/305kph)

A surprising entry on the list is Baku City Circuit’s Turn 20, reaching speeds of 189mph (305kph). The Baku City Circuit, known for its unique street layout, showcases the blend of speed and precision required in Formula 1.

6. Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps – Turn 2 (189mph/305kph)

Belgium’s Spa-Francorchamps adds another high-speed challenge with Turn 2, hitting a maximum speed of 189mph (305kph). This slight right turn precedes the iconic Eau Rouge/Raidillon corners, forming a sequence celebrated by fans worldwide.

7. Miami International Autodrome – Turn 10 (189mph/305kph)

Miami International Autodrome makes a dual appearance on the lists, with Turn 10 also clocking in at 189mph (305kph). This slight left bend forms part of the circuit’s first DRS zone, showcasing the balance between speed and control.

Diverse Challenges Across the F1 Calendar

Each track on the F1 calendar brings its own set of challenges, from the slow and intricate corners demanding precision to the high-speed stretches testing the limits of speed and control. Monaco’s narrow streets contrast with the sweeping straights of Monza, creating a tapestry of diversity for drivers and fans.

As we anticipate the 2024 Formula 1 season, the combination of these fast and slow corners ensures a thrilling and dynamic showcase of skill, strategy, and raw speed. From historic circuits to new additions, the F1 calendar promises a rollercoaster ride for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide.

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