$35M Grant Enhances Florida Schools’ Semiconductor Instruction

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In a significant move to foster the growth of Florida’s semiconductor industry, Governor Ron DeSantis announced the allocation of over $35 million in funding. The financial support, sourced from the Workforce Development Capitalization Incentive Grant Program, will be directed towards Florida school districts and Florida College System institutions. The primary goal is to establish and expand instructional programs related to semiconductors, aiming to create a skilled workforce vital for sustaining the state’s thriving semiconductor sector.

Florida’s Semiconductor Industry Ranks High in the Nation

Governor DeSantis highlighted Florida’s current standing in the semiconductor landscape, emphasizing that the state holds the fifth position in the U.S. for semiconductor manufacturing jobs and ranks third for semiconductor establishments. This substantial investment aims to fortify the state’s competitive edge by nurturing a highly skilled workforce capable of contributing to the ongoing success of the semiconductor industry.

The governor emphasized the importance of providing workforce education in classrooms, stating, “By providing workforce education in our classrooms, students learn skills they can use to obtain high-paying jobs in growing industries like semiconductor manufacturing.” The investment aligns with Florida’s commitment to becoming a leader in workforce education and positioning the state at the forefront of innovation.

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Institutions Receiving Funding for Semiconductor-Related Instruction

The funding under the Workforce Development Capitalization Incentive Grant will be distributed to various institutions across the state to create or expand semiconductor-related instructional programs. The following school districts and Florida College System institutions are set to benefit from the $35 million investment:

  • Alachua County School District
  • Brevard County School District
  • Broward County School District
  • Calhoun County School District
  • Charlotte County School District
  • Citrus County School District
  • Clay County School District
  • Collier County School District
  • Columbia County School District
  • Duval County School District
  • Gadsden County School District
  • Hernando County School District
  • Highlands School District
  • Hillsborough County School District
  • Leon County School District
  • Marion County School District
  • Okeechobee County School District
  • Osceola County School District
  • Orange County School District
  • Palm Beach County School District
  • Pasco County School District
  • Pinellas County School District
  • St. Johns County School District
  • Suwannee County School District
  • Taylor County School District
  • Wakulla County School District
  • Walton County School District
  • Washington County School District

Florida College System Institutions Receiving Funding:

  • College of Central Florida
  • Florida Gateway College
  • Northwest Florida State College
  • Palm Beach State College
  • Pasco-Hernando State College
  • Seminole State College of Florida
  • Tallahassee Community College
  • Valencia College

Comprehensive Approach to Workforce Development

The $35 million investment is part of a larger $100 million allocation to the Workforce Development Capitalization Incentive Grant Program. This program offers grants to school districts and Florida College System institutions to cover some or all of the costs associated with creating or expanding career and technical education workforce development programs. These programs should lead to industry certifications included on the CAPE (Career and Professional Education) Industry Certification Funding List.

School districts and Florida College System institutions are encouraged to apply for the Workforce Development Capitalization Incentive Grant Program, seizing the opportunity to enhance career and technical education programs that align with industry needs.

Conclusion: Nurturing Florida’s Semiconductor Future

As Florida makes substantial investments in workforce development for the semiconductor industry, the state positions itself as a hub for innovation and technological advancement. The infusion of funds into instructional programs reflects a strategic approach to equip students with the skills needed for high-demand jobs. The collaboration between educational institutions and industry stakeholders is poised to play a pivotal role in securing Florida’s position as a leader in the semiconductor sector, contributing to the state’s overall economic growth and technological prowess.

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