Border Battle: Trump Throws Weight Behind Texas Against Biden

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In a controversial border dispute between Texas and the Biden administration, a coalition of prominent figures has sided with Texas’s stance on securing its borders. Long-shot presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., former President Donald Trump, and other influential figures are expressing support for the Lone Star State in its efforts to address illegal immigration.

Kennedy, emphasizing the importance of national borders, asserted that Texas was right to defend its borders, criticizing what he sees as the failed policies of the Biden administration. The recent Supreme Court ruling, allowing Border Patrol officials to remove razor wire from a riverfront park near Eagle Pass, has become a focal point of contention. The decision is seen as a victory for Texas in its attempts to control the influx of immigrants illegally entering the U.S.

Former President Donald Trump, a prominent GOP figure and front-runner in the 2024 race, voiced strong support for Texas’s “commonsense measures.” Trump pledged to collaborate with Governor Abbott and other border states to address the issue, emphasizing the need to stop the invasion, seal the border, and initiate what he called the largest domestic deportation operation in history.

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana condemned President Biden’s “failed” border policies, asserting that they have wreaked havoc across the country, including in Louisiana. Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin accused the Biden administration of neglecting its duty to secure the border and expressed support for Texas’s constitutional right to defend itself.

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A joint statement from 25 Republican governors echoed these sentiments, criticizing the Biden administration for leaving the country vulnerable to unprecedented illegal immigration. The statement accused the administration of attacking and suing Texas for taking steps to protect American citizens from illegal immigrants, drugs like fentanyl, and potential terrorists entering the country.

Razor wire fencing in Eagle Pass, Texas, emerged as a visible measure employed by Governor Abbott to deter migrants. Texas’s decision to seize control of Shelby Park and deny entry to Border Patrol agents further escalated the feud with the Biden administration. The Department of Homeland Security, in response, sent a letter demanding access to Shelby Park, situated along the Rio Grande.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton declared that Texas had no plans to comply with the Biden administration’s deadline, reinforcing the state’s commitment to its border control measures. The ongoing dispute highlights a broader confrontation between the federal government and states regarding immigration policies.

In summary, the Texas border dispute has garnered significant attention, with high-profile figures aligning themselves with the state’s efforts to secure its borders. The Supreme Court ruling, statements from influential political figures, and the use of razor wire fencing underscore the complexities of the ongoing conflict between Texas and the Biden administration.

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