Empowering Educators: Georgia Education Dept. Allocates $30M for Literacy Coaches!

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Race Day LiveThe Georgia Department of Education is making significant strides in addressing statewide literacy challenges by allocating $30 million toward the provision of literacy coaches across elementary schools. With a focus on 60 schools exhibiting the lowest literacy rates, this investment aims to combat the pressing issue of elementary students reading below grade level, a statistic currently standing at 36% in Georgia.

Amy Denty, the Director of Literacy at the Georgia Department of Education, underscores the agency’s commitment to elevating literacy scores. Through this initiative, the state plans to allocate $10 million annually over a 3-year contract period to deploy literacy coaches to the identified schools. Denty emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision-making in schools and believes that literacy coaches will play a pivotal role in supporting classroom teachers and addressing the specific needs of struggling students.

Furthermore, Denty stresses the necessity of bridging the gap between the science of reading and its application in classrooms. By integrating professional learning mandated by the Georgia Literacy Act, the aim is to ensure effective implementation within schools. The addition of 60 literacy coaches to underperforming elementary schools is poised to enhance classroom instruction and improve literacy outcomes.

Despite ongoing efforts, Georgia’s elementary reading scores have yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. However, there has been a marginal increase in the percentage of third and fourth-grade students reading at grade level or higher, indicating progress in literacy attainment. The deployment of literacy coaches is a strategic step toward addressing literacy disparities and fostering academic success among elementary students statewide.

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