FBI Arrests Tennessee Man in Connection with Sniper Attack Plot on Texas-Mexico Border

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In a shocking turn of events, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has apprehended a Tennessee man, Paul Faye Sr., on charges of possessing an unregistered firearm/silencer regulated by the National Firearms Act. The arrest comes in connection with an alleged plan to partake in a violent attack on the Texas-Mexico border. The unfolding details, as per court documents, reveal a complex web of interactions and discussions involving Faye and an individual named Bryan Perry, who was already facing charges of various violent federal felonies in Missouri.

The investigation took a crucial turn when Perry’s phone was seized, exposing extensive communication with Faye leading up to Perry’s arrest. According to a criminal complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, Faye expressed a desire to travel with Perry and another individual to the U.S./Mexico border with intentions to commit acts of violence.

The FBI, in an effort to monitor and gather evidence, introduced an undercover agent to Faye via TikTok in March 2023. Subsequent exchanges led to an in-person meeting on April 1, 2023, where three undercover agents engaged with Faye and his two sons. During this meeting, Faye raised concerns about government actions, stating a belief that the government was “training to take on its citizens” while allowing migrants to enter the country.

Faye further discussed his tactical training and showcased a photograph on his phone of a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle with a suppressor. Notably, the FBI had previously determined that Faye had not registered the suppressor as required by the National Firearm Registration.

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As the investigation progressed, Faye continued to share his convictions and beliefs during conversations with the undercover agent. On May 11, 2023, he emphasized the need for in-person training before traveling to the border, expressing a belief that “patriots are going to rise up because we are being invaded.”

In subsequent discussions, Faye discussed obtaining a ballistic plate carrier and hinted at the potential availability of such items over time. The investigation revealed parallels with Perry’s statements about acquiring night vision goggles from deceased Border Patrol agents.

In a call in November, Faye disclosed a meeting with an individual from his militia group, the NC Patriot Party, who had traveled to Eagle Pass, Texas. Plans to return to the border on January 20, 2024, were discussed, with Faye seemingly indicating an intention to conduct acts of violence.

A critical turning point occurred on December 14, 2023, when the undercover agent met Faye in person to coordinate with militia groups from multiple states and transport explosive devices to the border. Faye explicitly mentioned his role as a sniper, intending to “send rounds down range.”

Alarming details emerged during this meeting, with Faye asserting possession of Tannerite, which he claimed he could convert into Claymore mines. He also revealed the placement of butane tanks around his property for use as booby traps if law enforcement were to arrive.

On January 11, 2024, two undercover agents visited Faye at his residence, where he showcased an arsenal of firearms, ammunition, radios, and a bulletproof vest in what he referred to as his “war room.” During this encounter, Faye sold a suppressor for an AK-47 to one of the agents, further implicating him in offenses related to possessing, selling, or transferring an unregistered firearm.

Subsequently, an arrest warrant was issued on February 2, leading to Faye’s arrest three days later. He made his initial appearance in federal court on February 5, with a detention hearing scheduled for February 12.

The unfolding events highlight the intricate nature of the investigation and the potential threat posed by individuals with extremist ideologies. The arrest of Paul Faye Sr. serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by law enforcement in addressing potential acts of violence and extremism within the United States.

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