Hochul Urges NY House Majority for Support on Bipartisan Border Deal

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In a bold move, Governor Kathy Hochul’s Administration has issued a call to New York’s Members of Congress currently serving in the House Majority, urging them to throw their support behind a bipartisan compromise on border security. The directive, conveyed by Governor Hochul’s Director of State Operations, Kathryn Garcia, comes in response to a letter from Representative Elise Stefanik and eight other New York members in the majority.

Background and Context

The letter from Garcia highlighted the unprecedented humanitarian crisis New York has faced, with over 170,000 migrants and asylum seekers arriving in the state. Governor Hochul’s efforts over the past two years, in collaboration with New York City, have involved an investment of nearly $2 billion in State funds to manage the crisis effectively.

Governor Hochul’s Response

The directive refers to a letter recently organized by Governor Hochul, joined by nine governors from across the country. The letter urges Congress to swiftly negotiate a comprehensive border security legislative package, encompassing federal coordination, decompression at both southern and northern borders, federal funding for states and cities receiving new arrivals, and a commitment to modernize the U.S. immigration system.

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Points Raised in the Directive

Director Garcia, in her letter, underscored New York’s efforts to secure its northern border. Additionally, she highlighted the deployment of over 270 members of the New York National Guard to the southern border. However, she emphasized that the influx at the southern border can only be adequately addressed through federal action.

The Bipartisan Immigration Compromise

Garcia pointed to the ongoing negotiations of a bipartisan immigration compromise led by Senators Lankford (R-OK), Sinema (I-AZ), and Murphy (D-CT). This compromise has received support from the President, adding a significant bipartisan dimension to the solution-seeking process. The letter urged the House Majority Members to express their stance on the following questions by February 12, 2024:

  1. Support for the Bipartisan Compromise: Do you support the bipartisan immigration compromise currently being negotiated by your colleagues in the United States Congress?
  2. Public Call to Action: Will you publicly call on Speaker Johnson to bring this bipartisan compromise to the floor?
  3. Addressing New Yorkers: If not, what is your message to New Yorkers who will be forced to address this crisis without federal aid due to the House Majority’s intransigence?

Implications and Urgency

The urgency of the situation is palpable in Garcia’s letter, emphasizing the need for swift and decisive action. As New York continues to grapple with the consequences of the humanitarian crisis, the House Majority Members’ support for a bipartisan compromise becomes crucial in charting a path towards effective border security solutions.

Conclusion: A Call for Cooperation

Governor Hochul’s Administration, through this directive, is issuing a clear call for cooperation and bipartisan collaboration to address the complexities of border security and immigration. The importance of federal aid in managing the crisis is highlighted, underscoring the interconnectedness of state and federal efforts in dealing with such critical matters.

As New Yorkers await responses from their representatives, the hope is that a spirit of cooperation prevails, leading to a comprehensive solution that aligns with the best interests of the state and the nation. The unfolding developments in the coming weeks will shed light on the responsiveness and commitment of New York’s congressional delegation to the urgent and pressing matters at hand.

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