Jill Biden criticizes Trump as a threat to women and families

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First Lady Jill Biden kicked off Women’s History Month in Georgia with the launch of the Women for Biden campaign, aiming to mobilize women voters.

In her address, while highlighting President Biden’s accomplishments and commitment to reproductive health care, she took a strong stance against former President Trump, who is expected to be the GOP nominee.

Jill Biden criticized Trump, stating that he spent a lifetime tearing down and devaluing women, mocking their bodies, disrespecting their achievements, and bragging about assault, referring to the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

She also expressed concern over Trump’s recent remarks on enabling states like Georgia to pass restrictive abortion bans, jeopardizing women’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.

Jill Biden criticizes Trump as a threat to women and families

Emphasizing that Trump is dangerous to women and families, Jill Biden hinted at her role as a campaign surrogate in the upcoming months. Trump, in a recent interview, discussed the possibility of supporting a 15-week abortion ban, leaving the decision open.

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As part of the Women for Biden initiative, the first lady plans to engage with female voters in critical swing states, including Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin.

The campaign will also roll out digital ads highlighting Jill Biden’s efforts and continue running ads targeting women voters throughout the election season. This event and campaign signify a strategic approach to address women’s concerns and mobilize their support in key battlegrounds.

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