Man Jailed for Crash that Killed Salsa Star and Cardi B’s Friend

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In a sad incident in Inwood, Manhattan, a man named Leandro Diaz-Ramirez, aged 29, has been sentenced to 5-15 years in prison for causing a deadly crash in August 2022. The crash claimed the lives of two pedestrians, including David Fernandez, a salsa star, and Joel Adames, a friend of rapper Cardi B.

Diaz-Ramirez pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree manslaughter. The accident happened when he was driving at a high speed of 59 mph in a 25 mph zone, under the influence of marijuana. He ran a red light at the intersection of Sherman Avenue and 207th Street, colliding with another vehicle.

This collision caused the other vehicle to skid onto the sidewalk, striking Fernandez and Adames. Both victims, well-known and loved in their community, lost their lives due to the crash. Diaz-Ramirez received the maximum sentence for his reckless driving, but the tragedy cannot be undone.

Man Jailed for Crash that Killed Salsa Star and Cardi B's Friend

David Fernandez, 40, was not only a salsa instructor but also a winner of many international salsa competitions. His friend Joel Adames, 31, was a beloved figure in the community. Fernandez, who was also a well-known barber, had given Adames a late-night haircut just before the fatal accident.

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Cardi B, the rapper, mourned Adames’ death in a social media post, expressing anger and grief over the tragic loss. The community, devastated by the accident, remembers Fernandez and Adames for their positive impact and contributions.

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