California Senators Unite to Combat Fentanyl and Crime

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A bipartisan group of California senators, led by Senate President pro-Tempore Mike McGuire, has introduced a comprehensive legislative package called “Working Together for a Safer California” to address the fentanyl crisis and rising retail and community-based crime.

The plan focuses on increasing access to treatment for those affected by fentanyl, offering rehabilitation services for individuals in the criminal justice system, preventing the trafficking of dangerous substances, and tackling retail theft and community-based crimes.

Sen. McGuire emphasized that the bills collectively aim to create a safer California by strategically addressing both the fentanyl crisis and retail theft issues. The proposed measures have been developed after extensive research, input from stakeholders, and feedback from Californians.

Senate Minority Leader Brian Jones stressed the need to set aside politics and work together to find solutions for the fentanyl crisis and retail theft issues affecting the state. The plan has received support from various senators, with Sen.

Aisha Wahab highlights the importance of advancing consequences for theft and community-based crime. The proposed package includes evidence-based policies that focus on rehabilitation, guided by research and recommendations from experts.

California Senators Unite to Combat Fentanyl and Crime

Law enforcement officials, including Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert G. Luna, expressed support for the plan. Sheriff Luna emphasized the urgency of addressing the fentanyl crisis and praised the proposed measures for providing additional tools to combat organized retail theft without compromising criminal justice reform.

District Attorney Diana Becton emphasized the need for thoughtful solutions to address both the fentanyl crisis and retail crime, aiming for a justice system that works for everyone. Medical experts, including Dr. Aimee Moulin and Professor Keith Humphreys, praised the plan for its data-driven approach and focus on evidence-based treatment to combat the fentanyl epidemic.

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Fentanyl, an extremely potent synthetic opioid, led to 6,473 deaths in California in 2022. The legislative package aims to deploy resources and make a difference in combating the crisis.

While shoplifting decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic, commercial burglary saw a notable increase. The bills in the Safer California plan target property-related crime to address the challenges faced by businesses and law enforcement.

The proposed legislation is authored by a group of senators and aims to create a safer and healthier California by addressing critical issues impacting communities across the state.

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