Motorcyclist Arrested in Texas After Journey from Colorado Springs to Denver

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A YouTube personality known as “Gixxer Brah” or Rendon Tyrell Dietzmann, 32, from Texas, has found himself in legal trouble after a jaw-dropping video surfaced, showcasing a perilous motorcycle ride from Colorado Springs to Denver in approximately 20 minutes. Dietzmann’s reckless escapade, captured and later deleted from his YouTube channel, led to his arrest in Denton County, Texas, on a warrant issued by El Paso County, Colorado. The charges include menacing, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, and speeding, exposing the YouTuber to potential legal consequences.

The Reckless Journey:

The incriminating video, recorded on September 28, 2023, depicted Dietzmann weaving in and out of traffic along I-25 at speeds exceeding 150 mph. This route typically takes an hour to an hour and a half under normal conditions. The audacious ride raised concerns about public safety, leading the Colorado State Patrol to pursue charges against Dietzmann.

Multiple Offenses and Past Incidents:

This incident is not an isolated one for Dietzmann, as similar videos on his channel showcase reckless high-speed rides on various highways across the United States. The YouTuber’s penchant for documenting his exploits has now become evidence in legal proceedings. The Colorado State Patrol’s pursuit of charges suggests a determination to address the broader issue of reckless driving promoted on social media platforms.

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Arrest in Texas and Assault Charge:

Dietzmann’s arrest in Denton County, Texas, on Wednesday was based on a warrant issued by El Paso County. The charges include assault, adding a more serious dimension to the legal repercussions he faces. The arrest emphasizes the gravity with which authorities view Dietzmann’s actions, as the fallout from his reckless behavior extends beyond state lines.

Extradition Uncertainties:

While Denton County authorities are holding Dietzmann on the assault charge, the question of extradition to Colorado looms. The extradition process introduces uncertainties regarding the timeline for Dietzmann to face the charges related to his dangerous ride. Legal proceedings and coordination between Texas and Colorado will play a crucial role in determining when Dietzmann will answer for his actions in the state where the reckless ride occurred.

YouTube’s Role and Public Safety Concerns:

The incident involving Dietzmann raises broader questions about the responsibility of social media platforms. YouTube, as the host of his videos, faces scrutiny for allowing content that promotes dangerous behavior to be shared with a wide audience. The intersection of freedom of expression on online platforms and the potential harm caused by such content is a growing concern for regulators and law enforcement.


The arrest of Rendon Tyrell Dietzmann, aka “Gixxer Brah,” serves as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences that can stem from online content promoting reckless and dangerous activities. As legal proceedings unfold, the case will likely prompt discussions about the role of social media platforms in monitoring and regulating content that poses risks to public safety. Dietzmann’s arrest sends a clear message that law enforcement is taking a stand against actions that jeopardize lives, even if they are committed in the virtual realm before being translated into legal consequences in the physical world.

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