New York state receives $228 million boost for internet projects from U.S. Treasury

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As the New Hampshire primary unfolds, potentially solidifying Donald Trump as the inevitable Republican nominee, the Biden administration is gearing up to showcase the tangible outcomes of its economic policies. One noteworthy achievement is the allocation of over $228 million in funding for high-speed internet projects in New York State, a move facilitated by the American Rescue Plan’s $10 billion Capital Projects Fund. The fund aims to bridge the digital divide by connecting rural and underserved communities, a critical initiative in the current digital age.

The U.S. Treasury, announcing the approval of these funds on Monday, highlighted their commitment to advancing connectivity in New York. The Municipal Infrastructure Program in the state, responsible for distributing competitive grants to local governments and internet service providers, will spearhead efforts to establish “last-mile” high-speed internet connections. This initiative is poised to benefit tens of thousands of homes and businesses in areas that have long been neglected in terms of internet infrastructure.

Janet Yellen, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, is set to amplify the administration’s achievements by embarking on a trip to Chicago and Milwaukee later this week. During these visits, she plans to underscore the economic benefits arising from the comprehensive investments made under Biden’s leadership, covering aspects like COVID relief, infrastructure, semiconductors, and clean energy legislation. The administration seeks to demonstrate that these policies are yielding more substantial economic advantages than the tax cuts implemented during Trump’s presidency in 2017.

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Representative Nydia Velazquez, a Democrat from New York City, expressed pride in the significant federal funding secured through the American Rescue Plan. She noted that this injection of $228 million would play a pivotal role in closing the digital divide and ensuring reliable internet access for underserved communities in the state.

The U.S. Treasury’s commitment to addressing connectivity issues is not a one-time endeavor. Since June 2022, the department has approved over $9 billion in Capital Projects Fund awards, with a specific focus on bolstering high-speed internet infrastructure. In 2023 alone, New York received $100 million to connect over 100,000 low-income housing units to high-speed internet infrastructure. The broader impact of these initiatives is substantial, with states estimating that the funding will lead to expanded internet access for over 2 million locations.

This significant investment in high-speed internet infrastructure aligns with the Biden administration’s broader strategy to fortify the nation’s digital backbone. The recognition of the digital divide as a critical issue has spurred proactive measures to ensure that even rural and underserved areas have access to reliable and fast internet connections. As the administration navigates the political landscape, the impact of these policies on the lives of ordinary Americans is becoming increasingly tangible, providing a strong foundation for the economic narrative that the Biden team aims to convey to voters.

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