New York’s Southern Tier Boasts Top Two Community Colleges

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When it comes to community colleges in New York State, the Southern Tier has proven its excellence, with two institutions securing spots in the top five according to a study by EDsmart. The study considered various factors, including salary after attending, average net price, retention rate, and 4-year graduation rate to determine the rankings. Remarkably, Herkimer County Community College clinched the top spot, achieving a perfect score. Notably, two Southern Tier community colleges, SUNY Corning Community College and SUNY Broome Community College, landed at impressive positions, showcasing the region’s commitment to quality education.

Personal Journey at SUNY Corning Community College

Reflecting on my personal journey, I chose Corning Community College many years ago, drawn by its vibrant atmosphere and, notably, the establishment of an FM radio station. Little did I know that this decision would shape my career in ways I hadn’t imagined. Spending three years at a 2-year community college might not be the conventional path, but the invaluable experience and knowledge gained made it an enriching chapter of my life. Community colleges, particularly in the Southern Tier, deserve recognition for the positive impact they have on students’ lives.

EDsmart’s Rankings Criteria

The EDsmart study evaluated New York State community colleges based on several key factors, aiming to provide a comprehensive view of their performance. The criteria included the salary after attending, average net price, retention rate, and 4-year graduation rate. Each college received individual rankings in these categories, contributing to an overall composite score. Herkimer County Community College emerged as the frontrunner, securing a perfect score of 100.

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SUNY Corning Community College: A Top Performer

SUNY Corning Community College, my alma mater, proudly secured the fifth position in the statewide rankings. The college’s outstanding achievements include having the lowest net price among the top five institutions, standing at a commendable $6,818. Furthermore, it boasted the highest retention rate at 59%. These factors, combined with an overall score of 95.8, solidify SUNY Corning Community College’s reputation as a top performer in the New York State community college landscape.

SUNY Broome Community College: Excelling at Second Place

Not to be outdone, SUNY Broome Community College secured an impressive second place in the rankings, earning an overall score of 99. The college’s average salary after attending stood at $37,578, showcasing the potential for students to reap the rewards of their educational investment. With an average net price of $7,410, a retention rate of 47%, and a 4-year graduation rate of 37%, SUNY Broome Community College demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence and student success.

Regional Representation: SUNY Clinton and Genesee Community Colleges

In addition to SUNY Corning and SUNY Broome, the Southern Tier’s influence is further solidified by SUNY Clinton Community College, securing the third position in the rankings. SUNY Genesee Community College follows closely in the fourth spot. These institutions collectively showcase the strength and quality of education offered in the Southern Tier region, contributing to the overall success of New York State’s community college system.

Recognition and Opportunities

The EDsmart rankings offer well-deserved recognition to these community colleges, shedding light on their commitment to providing quality education and fostering student success. The opportunities provided by these institutions, as evidenced by the impressive outcomes in the study, underscore the crucial role community colleges play in shaping the educational landscape and empowering students to achieve their goals.

Conclusion: Southern Tier’s Educational Excellence

As the EDsmart study highlights the top-performing community colleges in New York State, the Southern Tier emerges as a powerhouse of educational excellence. SUNY Corning Community College and SUNY Broome Community College’s rankings underscore the region’s dedication to providing affordable, high-quality education with tangible outcomes for students. These institutions, along with SUNY Clinton and SUNY Genesee Community Colleges, contribute significantly to the diverse and thriving educational tapestry of the Southern Tier.

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