North Dakota University System Chancellor Seeks Month-Long Leave

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The head of North Dakota University System, Chancellor Mark Hagerott, has asked for a month of paid leave.

He submitted the request to the State Board of Higher Education for approval, explaining that he plans to use this time to get ready to teach an artificial intelligence class at North Dakota State University and finish writing a book on tech changes in education, particularly focusing on the U.S. military.

In his letter to the board, Hagerott mentioned that a publisher, the U.S. Naval Institute, approached him to turn his doctoral dissertation into a book. Hagerott, a U.S. Navy veteran, got his bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Naval Academy and later taught cyber security courses there.

Hagerott referred to a North Dakota higher education policy allowing leaders with over five years on the job to take a developmental leave of absence. He plans to be back before the 2025 North Dakota Legislative session. In case he can’t perform his duties, Chief of Staff Mark Gorenflo would take charge.

North Dakota University System Chancellor Seeks Month-Long Leave

Hired as chancellor in 2015, Hagerott has a military background and aims to contribute to education and technology understanding through his upcoming projects. Also, as he has mastered his skills in teaching industry he aspires to master other fields as well due to his personal choice and passion towards learning.

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Hence, the University’s System Chancellor Mark Hagerott is taking a month’s paid leave to prepare for teaching and writing a book. His focus on technology and education, inspired by his military background, aims to bring valuable insights.

This break, approved by the State Board of Higher Education, aligns with a policy allowing such leaves. During his absence, Chief of Staff Mark Gorenflo will step in, ensuring the university system continues its work smoothly.

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