Police: Man Arrested for Biting Off Ex-Girlfriend’s Nose Over Strip Club Work

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In a harrowing incident that unfolded in San Antonio, Texas, a 34-year-old man, David Morin Jr., stands accused of disfiguring his ex-girlfriend during a domestic violence episode, allegedly biting off a piece of her nose. Morin was taken into custody on Friday and faces charges of aggravated assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

The alleged assault occurred on July 24, 2023, stemming from a tumultuous relationship between Morin and his girlfriend. The couple had been dating for approximately seven months but separated about two weeks prior to the disturbing incident, leading to Morin moving his belongings out of the victim’s apartment.

The sequence of events took a violent turn when Morin, angered by unanswered phone calls to the victim on July 23, reportedly broke into her apartment at around 1 a.m. Using a broken window as entry, Morin discovered employment documents indicating the victim’s association with a local strip club. This revelation purportedly triggered a heated verbal altercation between the two.

The situation escalated dramatically, with Morin allegedly grabbing the victim by the throat and choking her for approximately 10 seconds. Following the release of his grip, Morin reportedly seized the victim again, biting her face and tearing off a portion of her nose. Subsequently, Morin fled the scene, leaving the victim in distress.

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Law enforcement swiftly responded to the incident, and the victim was transported to a hospital, where she was referred to a plastic surgeon for the severe injuries sustained during the assault. Morin was apprehended on Friday and is currently held at the Bexar County Jail on a $75,000 bond.

This incident marks a disturbing chapter in Morin’s history of legal issues. In 2013, he faced charges of murder, but the case was dismissed due to a key witness failing to testify. In 2019, Morin was arrested again for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, involving physical violence and control tactics. Charges were filed for assault against a pregnant person, but the case was dismissed due to a missing witness.

The recurring pattern of violence in Morin’s history raises concerns about the effectiveness of legal interventions and the need for comprehensive measures to address domestic violence. The current charges against Morin underscore the severe consequences of unchecked aggression within relationships and the urgent need for support systems to protect victims.

Domestic violence incidents, especially those resulting in significant bodily harm, highlight the broader societal issues surrounding power dynamics, control, and the need for preventive measures. The trauma experienced by victims extends beyond physical injuries, necessitating a holistic approach to address the emotional and psychological aftermath.

As the legal proceedings against Morin unfold, the case serves as a stark reminder of the challenges in combating domestic violence and the imperative of community awareness, support networks, and legal measures to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals facing such threats. The victim’s journey to recovery and justice will be closely monitored, emphasizing the importance of ongoing efforts to break the cycle of domestic violence within communities.

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