Valley Falls Culinary Students Excels in Kansas Recipe Challenge

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Culinary students from Valley Falls High School achieved victory in a statewide recipe challenge organized by the Kansas State Department of Education. The competition required students to craft a recipe with a Kansas-sourced ingredient, emphasizing a nutritious breakfast option.

After nearly two years of dedicated effort, the students’ winning entries, named “Kansas Granola” and “Berry Delicious,” showcased their culinary skills. “Kansas Granola” featured wheat, while “Berry Delicious” incorporated an applesauce mixture with Aronia berries, highlighting locally sourced produce.

The winning recipes, products of collaborative teamwork and hands-on experiences such as berry picking, received recognition from the Kansas State Department of Education. Their teacher, Margo Ellerman, highlighted the practical and authentic learning experience the challenge provided.

Moving forward, the recipes will undergo scrutiny by the USDA. If approved, they may be incorporated into school lunch and snack programs on a national scale.

The students expressed their pride in the unexpected journey from kitchen experiments to statewide recognition, emphasizing the joy of sharing their creations with a broader audience.

Valley Falls Culinary Students Excels in Kansas Recipe Challenge

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Their victory in the Kansas recipe challenge opens doors for their creations to potentially grace school lunch programs nationwide, showcasing the positive impact of hands-on learning experiences. Cheers to these students for turning kitchen experiments into a statewide success!

Valley Falls High School’s culinary students not only demonstrated their cooking prowess but also exemplified the power of teamwork and perseverance.

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