California Governor Fights Against Abortion Travel Bans with Ad Campaign

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California Governor Gavin Newsom is launching an ad campaign to counter abortion travel bans proposed in some Republican-led states. The campaign includes TV commercials and an online petition, starting with a focus on Tennessee’s “abortion trafficking” bill.

This bill, sponsored by GOP legislators, aims to make it a felony to assist a minor in getting an abortion without parental consent. Similar restrictions are being considered in Idaho, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

Newsom argues that these measures not only limit reproductive rights but also infringe on the freedom to travel. Critics of the Tennessee bill claim it could criminalize providing information about abortion services or states with more lenient abortion laws.

California Governor Fights Against Abortion Travel Bans with Ad Campaign

Since the 2022 overturning of Roe v. Wade, states have sought ways to restrict abortion and prevent individuals from crossing state lines for the procedure. Idaho has already enacted an “abortion trafficking” law, making it illegal to obtain abortion pills for a minor without parental consent.

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Newsom’s initiative,, is funded by a political action committee he launched to support Democratic causes.

Democrats see abortion rights as a crucial issue for voters, especially as the debate extends to concerns about miscarriage care, medication access, emergency care, and in vitro fertilization. Recent legal developments, such as a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court, have heightened concerns about future access to IVF.

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