California Primary Elections on Super Tuesday Shape Key US House Races

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Super Tuesday on March 5th sees primary elections across several U.S. states, with California holding crucial contests for all 52 congressional seats. The top two candidates in each race, irrespective of their party, will advance to the general election. Approximately 10 competitive seats are up for grabs, influencing the balance of power in the House.

California’s liberal image coexists with conservative strength in areas like Southern California suburbs and the Central Valley. The primaries have turned intense among Democrats, with about 10 competitive seats and some considered toss-ups.

Here’s a glimpse of key races:

22nd District – Central Valley:

Democrat Rudy Salas aims to reclaim the seat from Republican David Valadao. Democratic state Sen. Melissa Hurtado and Republican Chris Mathys add complexity. A potential split of Democratic votes could benefit both Republicans.

47th District – Replacing Katie Porter:

Republican Scott Baugh eyes the seat left by Democrat Katie Porter. Democrats state Sen. Dave Min and Joanna Weiss compete fiercely, offering an opportunity for Republicans.

45th District – Michelle Steel Defends Asian Community Seat:

Republican Michelle Steel defends the seat with a significant Asian American population. Four Democrats, including Kim Nguyen-Penaloza, seek to challenge Steel.

49th District – Democrats Defend Coastal Seat:

Incumbent Democrat Mike Levin faces four Republicans aiming to flip the coastal district. Republicans target Levin’s hold on the traditionally Democratic-leaning area.

California Primary Elections on Super Tuesday Shape Key US House Races

27th District – Republican Garcia’s Challenge in Liberal Los Angeles:

Republican Mike Garcia, a Navy veteran, defends his seat against Democrat George Whitesides. Democrats emphasize Garcia’s divergence from the district’s values.

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41st District – Veteran Republican Ken Calvert Defends Seat:

Long-serving Republican Ken Calvert faces Democrat Will Rollins in a balanced district. Rollins, supported by House Democrats, could gain traction, especially in LGBTQ+-inclusive Palm Springs.

Super Tuesday’s outcomes will shape the landscape for the general election, impacting the nationwide battle for control of the House.

Note: Super Tuesday is a significant day for primary elections, involving multiple states and territories, influencing the trajectory toward the November Election Day.

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