California Senate Candidates Rally for Votes Before Super Tuesday

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With less than two days until the polls close for the California primary election, candidates vying for the U.S. Senate seat are intensifying their efforts to sway voters. Over the weekend, two candidates were actively campaigning in San Francisco, expressing their concerns about the relatively low voter turnout.

At Manny’s in the Mission District, Representative Katie Porter addressed an audience, stressing the significance of Californians exercising their right to vote.

Despite the looming deadline, many attendees admitted they hadn’t cast their ballots yet, particularly in the undecided U.S. Senate race.

Phillip Davis, a San Francisco resident, attended the event to learn more about Porter’s priorities, stating, “I want to listen to her, she’s been doing a great job, but so have some of the other Democratic candidates too, so it’s tough to make a decision.”

Representative Katie Porter acknowledged the potential closeness of the race, citing her experience as a professor and expressing confidence that young voters would turn in their ballots. She also claimed to have persuaded some undecided voters in San Francisco to support her after engaging in discussions.

The latest Berkeley IGS poll indicates Republican Steve Garvey leading at 27%, followed by Representative Adam Schiff at 25%, Representative Katie Porter at 19%, and Representative Barbara Lee at 8%.

Steve Garvey’s campaign did not provide information about his weekend campaign events, while Barbara Lee’s team mentioned her activities in San Diego, Orange County, Inland Empire, and Los Angeles.

California Senate Candidates Rally for Votes Before Super Tuesday

In San Francisco, House Speaker Emerita Nancy Pelosi introduced Congressman Adam Schiff, who is seeking to secure the U.S. Senate seat.

Schiff, surrounded by other prominent Democrats, including California State Assembly Speaker Robert Rivas, emphasized the importance of his Bay Area ties and his commitment to fighting for democracy and a people-centric economy.

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As candidates race against time to encourage early voting, young voters are looking for a candidate who will inspire them to participate in the electoral process. Thomas Jankowski, a 23-year-old San Francisco resident, expressed his desire for a candidate with a vision for California’s future and the ability to excite younger voters.

The candidates are making a final push to appeal to undecided voters and increase overall voter engagement as the primary election draws near.

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