Trump Condemns Biden Over Murdered Nursing Student Laken Riley

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Former President Donald Trump revealed he spoke with the parents of Laken Riley, a 22-year-old nursing student murdered in Georgia, during his visit to Eagle Pass, Texas.

Trump criticized President Joe Biden for not addressing Riley’s case during discussions on the border situation in Brownsville.

Trump expressed condolences to Riley’s parents, emphasizing her brutal assault while out on a morning run. He blamed Biden for allowing the alleged perpetrator, an illegal immigrant named Jose Antonio Ibarra, into the country.

Trump criticized Biden’s immigration policies, noting other crimes committed by illegal immigrants.

Highlighting the broader issue of illegal immigration, Trump mentioned the significant encounters Customs and Border Protection reported. He acknowledged Texas’ efforts to address the problem, referencing the recent legal battles around Governor Abbott’s SB4 legislation.

Trump Condemns Biden Over Murdered Nursing Student Laken Riley

Trump spoke about a tragic incident where a young nursing student, Laken Riley, was brutally attacked and killed.

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He criticized President Biden for not addressing this case during discussions about the border. Trump highlighted the challenges of illegal immigration and expressed sympathy for Riley’s parents. The former president emphasized the importance of remembering Laken Riley and criticized Biden’s handling of immigration issues.

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