Woman Assaulted in Queens Subway: NYPD Seeks Attacker

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In Queens, the police are actively searching for a man accused of assaulting and attempting to rape a 20-year-old woman outside a subway station. This frightening incident occurred shortly after midnight on February 24, close to the 169th Street station in Jamaica.

The victim, who had just exited a Queens-bound F train, found herself being followed by the suspect into the station’s mezzanine area.

Once there, he allegedly punched her multiple times, covered her face, knocked her to the ground, and attempted to remove her clothing. Fortunately, the woman’s cries for help alerted a security guard, prompting the assailant to flee on foot toward 168 Place.

The victim was promptly taken to a nearby hospital for medical attention. This disturbing event adds to the growing concerns about the increasing crime rates within New York City’s subway system.

Woman Assaulted in Queens Subway: NYPD Seeks Attacker

Statistics from the NYPD reveal a 45% surge in crime in January 2024 compared to the same period last year, with grand larcenies being the most prevalent offences.

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The situation has led to a heightened police presence, with over 1,000 officers deployed daily to the subway system since February, as part of efforts led by NYC Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban.

The authorities are taking proactive measures to address these rising concerns and ensure the safety of commuters in the city’s subway network.

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