Free Meals for Mechanicville Students: Don’t Miss Out!

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In the heart of Mechanicville, students are in for a delightful treat – free, locally sourced meals, all thanks to the extra boost from the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP).

Step into the school’s cafeteria, and you’ll be greeted with a tempting array of homemade dishes, crafted with care, and featuring fresh fruits and vegetables sourced from nearby farms.

Meet Deb Mackey, the passionate food services director, who’s a bit puzzled by the low turnout for breakfast. Surprisingly, only 21% of students seize the chance, while a more substantial 52% opt for lunch.

Mackey is on a mission to bridge this gap and urges parents to encourage their kids to savor these delicious, cost-free meals.

Now, we get it – mornings can be a bit of a struggle, as confessed by seventh-grader Ayla Frolish. Yet, even with the morning fatigue, Ayla can’t resist the tasty offerings. Mackey emphasizes that these meals come with zero stigma attached, and she’s hopeful that more students will jump on the bandwagon.

Free Meals for Mechanicville Students: Don't Miss Out!

Mechanicville students, the opportunity to enjoy delicious, free meals isn’t just about satisfying your taste buds. It’s a gateway to a better academic journey! By partaking in these wholesome offerings, you’re not only filling your stomach but also fueling your mind for success.

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So, take a moment to appreciate the effort put into crafting these meals by the dedicated team led by Deb Mackey. Remember, it’s not just about the food on your plate; it’s about the potential it holds to enhance your focus, energy, and overall well-being.

In the spirit of embracing this initiative, let each bite be a reminder that your school cares about your nutrition and academic success. Grab a plate, relish the flavors, and let the positive impact of a well-fed body and mind be your daily companion in the journey of learning and growth!

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