Kansas Stands with Texas in Addressing the Border Crisis

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In a notable move, the Kansas House has passed a resolution supporting Texas Governor Greg Abbott in handling the growing border crisis. The resolution passed with an 80-40 vote, urges Governor Laura Kelly to stand with Texas in addressing what is described as an “invasion” at the U.S.-Mexico border.

This decision aligns with a broader trend where multiple states, including Indiana, Georgia, and Montana, are sending National Guard troops to assist Texas in managing the increasing number of migrants.

Governor Kelly has emphasized the federal nature of border security, stating that any deployment of Kansas troops would depend on President Biden’s discretion. Despite this, the resolution reflects a shared belief among states that the federal government’s response to illegal immigration is insufficient.

Senator Mike Thompson, a Republican from Shawnee, supports Governor Abbott, highlighting the need for states to take action in the face of what is perceived as federal inaction. Thompson’s endorsement adds weight to the collective effort of states supporting Texas in addressing the border crisis.

Kansas is not alone in its support for Texas. Other states, such as Indiana, Georgia, and Montana, have announced plans to send their National Guard troops to the border. This joint action emphasizes the urgency of the situation and the importance of a collaborative approach to border security.

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The collective effort of states supporting Texas underscores the notion that the border crisis is a national issue requiring a united response. As more states join this movement, it becomes increasingly clear that the situation demands a comprehensive strategy and commitment to collaboration among states to effectively manage illegal immigration.

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