New York School Districts’ Algebra in Regents: Rankings 1-645

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In a notable academic achievement, nearly 150 school districts in New York state reported proficiency levels exceeding 90% on Algebra I Regents exams for the 2022-2023 school year, according to recently released state data. Of these, an impressive 20 districts proudly declared a perfect score, with all their students demonstrating proficiency.

One such exemplar is the Lyncourt Union Free School District in Onondaga County, boasting a 100% proficiency rate, although the district had only seven students undertake the Algebra I Regents exam. Notably, Lyncourt School primarily accommodates students up to the eighth grade, with most not required to take Regents exams.

Following closely, Fayetteville-Manlius and Skaneateles, both in Onondaga County, tied for the No. 43 spot statewide, each achieving a remarkable 96% proficiency among their students. Jamesville-DeWitt secured the fourth position in the county, tying for 110th statewide with a commendable 91% proficiency, while Tully claimed fifth in the county, ranking 130th statewide with 90% proficiency.

However, not all districts experienced such high success rates. The Syracuse City School District, for instance, reported a 29% proficiency level in the Algebra I Regents exam, tying for No. 640 out of 645 districts statewide.

The New York State Education Department released the Regents results in December for the 2022-2023 school year. These proficiency scores represent the percentage of students who scored at level three or above, categorizing them as proficient in Regents exams.

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Here are some key highlights from the statewide data on Algebra , Regents exams:

  • Total Districts with 90% Proficiency or Higher: 148
  • Districts with 100% Proficiency: 20

It’s important to note that the state refrains from publicly reporting proficiency scores if a district’s sample size is deemed too small.

The remarkable success of numerous school districts underscores the commitment to academic excellence and effective teaching methodologies. As districts celebrate their achievements, the focus on improving educational outcomes for all students remains paramount.

This accomplishment is part of a broader examination of educational performance in New York, with additional assessments, including English language arts and math for grades three through eight, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the state’s academic landscape.

As the education sector continues to evolve, these proficiency results serve as a barometer of success and areas for improvement, guiding educators, administrators, and policymakers in their ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of education for students across the state.

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