NYC Pre-K Teacher Resigns Amid Controversy Over Anti-Israel Lessons

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In a recent development, Siriana Abboud, a pre-K teacher at PS 59 Beekman Hill International School in Midtown, has resigned from her position at the Department of Education (DOE). The decision comes after Abboud faced criticism for offering parents and teachers lesson plans that focused on “land theft, displacement, and ethnic cleansing,” targeting young children.

The controversy unfolded when The Post exposed her social media guides, where she labeled Israel as a “fascist ethno-state” and recommended a book, “P is for Palestine,” raising concerns about its antisemitic content.

The New York City Public School Alliance, a group dedicated to fighting antisemitism, expressed relief at Abboud’s resignation but voiced concerns about the Department of Education’s handling of the situation. They emphasized the need for systemic change and consequences for violating regulations or promoting racist views to young children.

Abboud faced additional criticism for a drawing of noses on a bulletin board outside her classroom, accompanied by a note asking, “Why do people have different noses?” This sparked concerns about perpetuating antisemitic stereotypes, particularly among Jewish staffers at PS 59. Despite complaints, Abboud did not face disciplinary action over this incident.

In November, a petition signed by over 200 parents urged the DOE to investigate Abboud’s “ongoing campaign against Jews.” The petition highlighted her social media content filled with “hate and intolerance” and antisemitic rhetoric, particularly after Hamas attacks in Israel. Following media scrutiny, Abboud announced a medical leave to her students’ families.

NYC Pre-K Teacher Resigns Amid Controversy Over Anti-Israel Lessons

Despite the controversies, Abboud did not face any disciplinary action over the nose-drawing incident, leading to outrage among PS 59 staffers. The lack of consequences raised concerns about creating a safe and supportive environment for all students.

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The resignation of Siriana Abboud marks the end of a chapter at PS 59 Beekman Hill International School, leaving lingering concerns about the Department of Education’s response and the importance of fostering an inclusive learning environment in public schools.

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