Repeat Offender Accused of Fatally Shooting Victim’s Friend in NYC

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Deshaun Coleman, a repeat offender who escaped a murder charge in 2012, is now facing allegations of killing Hasan Richburg, a close friend of a previous victim’s family.

Released from state prison just over a year ago, Coleman is accused of shooting Richburg multiple times during a dispute over a girl in a West Kingsbridge Avenue apartment building.

Coleman, also known as “Boogie,” had previously avoided a murder conviction in the 2012 killing of Victor Maldonado. Despite being charged with murder, he claimed self-defence, leading to a gun possession conviction and imprisonment until January 2023.

The recent incident unfolded about two blocks from where Coleman had fatally shot Maldonado. Arrested a week after the shooting, Coleman appeared in Bronx Criminal Court, where prosecutors requested he be held without bail, a request granted by the judge.

With an extensive criminal record, including charges of attempted murder, assault, drug possession, and robbery, Coleman now faces charges of murder, manslaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon. His court appearance is scheduled for March 14 in the Bronx.

Repeat Offender Accused of Fatally Shooting Victim's Friend in NYC

In a chilling turn of events, Deshaun Coleman, a repeat offender with a history of evading murder charges, is now accused of taking another life just over a year after his release from prison.

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The recent incident echoes a past tragedy, as Coleman allegedly shot Hasan Richburg, a close friend of a previous victim’s family, in a dispute over a girl. With a lengthy criminal record, Coleman’s history raises questions about the justice system’s ability to prevent repeat offences.

The upcoming court proceedings will shed light on the outcome of these disturbing events, underscoring the challenges in dealing with individuals with a pattern of criminal behaviour.

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