Surge in Graduates: Northeast Ohio Public Universities Report Increased Success Rates

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Recent research from the Ohio Department of Higher Education indicates an encouraging trend in the state’s public universities. A growing number of students are successfully completing their degrees, with over 3,000 additional students earning degrees within six years.

Despite a slight overall enrollment decrease, the percentage of students graduating within six years statewide has risen from an average of 57% for those starting in 2012 to 64% for those beginning in 2015. All 13 Ohio public universities experienced increased graduation rates during this period, although the research did not pinpoint the exact reasons for the improvement.

Lawmakers have been actively addressing college affordability concerns, particularly focusing on high student loan repayments. Ohio schools are adopting measures such as tuition guarantees to guide students toward timely degree completion. These guarantees, holding tuition rates steady for the first four years, aim to incentivize students to choose majors and graduate promptly.

Surge in Graduates: Northeast Ohio Public Universities Report Increased Success Rates

Examining Northeast Ohio public universities, the data shows positive strides:

  • Cleveland State University: The graduation rate increased from 50% to 55% for students starting in 2012 and 2015, respectively.
  • Kent State University at Kent: The graduation rate rose from 57% to 65% for students commencing in 2012 and 2015, respectively.
  • University of Akron, main campus: For students starting in fall 2016, the graduation rate was 39%, increasing to 48% for those beginning in fall 2015.

This research sheds light on the progress made in Ohio’s higher education landscape, emphasizing the importance of initiatives promoting degree completion and student success.

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In a nutshell, Ohio’s public universities are experiencing a positive shift with rising graduation rates and additional students earning degrees. This reflects the success of initiatives aimed at improving college affordability and guiding students towards timely degree completion.

The data underscores progress in Northeast Ohio universities, showcasing a collective commitment to student success.

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