Woman Discovers Identity Theft After Tax Filing

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A woman in Utah, Raylynn Atkinson, found out that someone had stolen her identity and was using her Social Security number when she tried to file for unemployment. She discovered three W-2 forms from jobs she never worked for, and the IRS confirmed that her Social Security number was being used for various jobs starting in 2022.

Facing challenges, Atkinson couldn’t log into credit monitoring services, and the police suggested filing separate reports in cities where her Social Security number was misused.

Identity theft reports are increasing, with police mentioning cases of using stolen numbers for illegal jobs or exploiting unemployment benefits.

The consequences for Atkinson are significant. She can’t file taxes online and has to deliver them in person, raising concerns about the lasting impact on her identity.

For victims of identity fraud, freezing credit, contacting credit bureaus, filing a police report, completing IRS form 14039, and informing the Social Security Administration about the issue are essential steps.

Social Security number fraud is a widespread problem causing substantial financial losses each year. Fraudsters use various methods, including data breaches and phishing emails, to obtain Social Security numbers.

Woman Discovers Identity Theft After Tax Filing

During tax season, scammers may pretend to be IRS agents, emphasizing the need to file taxes early, obtain an identity protection PIN, and stay cautious against phishing attempts.

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For victims of identity theft, immediate actions are crucial. Freezing credit, contacting credit bureaus, filing a police report, and notifying relevant authorities like the IRS and Social Security Administration are essential steps.

The aftermath of identity theft can lead to financial losses, damaged credit histories, and even legal complications. Taking preventive measures, especially during tax season, becomes paramount to avoid falling victim to scams and phishing attempts.

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