$8 Million in Unpaid Texas Wages Up for Claim

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Thousands of Texans are unaware that they are entitled to a collective $8 million in unclaimed back wages, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. A recent announcement highlights the urgency for individuals to check whether they are owed money from employers who were found to be underpaying workers. The clock is ticking for Texans to claim their share, and the unclaimed funds average about $662 per worker.

The unclaimed wages stem from investigations into employers who violated labor laws by underpaying their employees. When these employers are unable to locate the workers due to various reasons, they are required to deposit the owed money into an account held by the U.S. Department of Labor. In North Texas alone, more than $1.6 million is owed to approximately 2,500 workers.

Jesus Valdez, the Dallas District Director of the Department of Labor, emphasized the significance of the unclaimed funds, stating, “It’s a significant amount of money. It’s an average of about $662 per worker.” Employers found in violation typically send the checks directly to the affected employees, but if the workers cannot be located within three years, the funds are transferred to the U.S. Treasury Department.

Valdez encouraged individuals who have worked for an employer to check the Department of Labor’s database, which allows users to search for their current or former employer’s name to determine if they are owed any wages. The Department of Labor does not disclose the names of employers while investigations are ongoing.

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While investigations can arise from various sources, including complaints from current or former employees, Valdez clarified that the Department of Labor has a proactive focus on certain industries such as construction and food services. However, investigations cover a broad spectrum of industries and salary ranges.

“This is money that has already been earned by workers, and it’s their money. So they should go in there and see if there’s anything there for them,” Valdez urged.

In Denton, a company tops the list with 487 employees owed over $260,000 in unclaimed back wages. Out of the 50 largest cases in the state, six are from Dallas. Tarrant County accounts for over $500,000 in unclaimed wages, while Collin County workers are owed $120,000.

The Department of Labor emphasized the importance of individuals checking for unclaimed back wages, emphasizing that these funds belong to the workers, and they should take the opportunity to claim what is rightfully theirs. As the Department works diligently to locate workers and disburse the funds, the call to action for affected individuals becomes crucial to ensuring they receive their earned wages.

As Texans navigate the process of checking the database and claiming their back wages, the Department of Labor aims to bring awareness to the issue and empower workers to access the financial compensation owed to them. The initiative highlights the commitment to upholding workers’ rights and rectifying labor law violations in collaboration with employers and affected individuals.

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