A Greener Approach to Single-Use Cups in Orange County

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When news broke about a proposed bill in California aiming to ban single-use cups at chain restaurants, Orange County resident Will Lorenzi saw an opportunity for a different solution.

As the President and Founder of Smart Planet Technologies, Lorenzi is a pioneer in promoting EarthCoating, a technology that transforms traditional paper cups into a “truly recyclable” product known as reCUP.

Traditional paper cups have a plastic lining, making them challenging to recycle effectively. While they are technically recyclable, the plastic often hinders the recycling process, as highlighted by Senator Catherine Blakespear in her announcement of Senate Bill 1167.

Enter EarthCoating, a game-changer in the industry. Lorenzi’s innovative solution involves using minerals in the cup lining, reducing the plastic content by about half.

This adjustment makes the lining behave more like clay than plastic, a crucial distinction, as clay materials are compatible with existing paper recycling systems widely used today.

A Greener Approach to Single-Use Cups in Orange County

Lorenzi firmly believes that if a recyclable solution exists, there’s no need to resort to an outright ban on single-use cups. He acknowledges the bill’s intent to address the long-standing waste issue but suggests considering EarthCoating as a viable alternative.

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Smart Planet Technologies, in collaboration with manufacturing partners, is already making strides with EarthCoating. The technology is currently in use in Australia and on United Airlines flights, contributing to approximately 2.5 billion cups crafted using this environmentally friendly resin.

The legislation aims to achieve its goal of reducing plastic and paper waste from restaurants, and Lorenzi sees EarthCoating as a logical and innovative solution to address environmental concerns without resorting to drastic measures.

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