Bunny Rescue: 100+ Rabbits Saved from California Backyard Hoard

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In Southern California, a quirky rabbit encounter turned into an unexpected situation when Joe Torcello noticed a lone rabbit in his alley a few months ago. Initially waving at the rabbit and thinking nothing of it, Torcello’s backyard soon became a hub of bunny activity.

What started as sporadic sightings evolved into a peculiar scene where rabbits seemed to be multiplying rapidly. Torcello, cleaning his backyard, stumbled upon a bunny, and soon after, a skunk appeared in his garage, engaging in playful antics with a rabbit.

The situation took an unusual turn when Torcello realized the rabbits were procreating swiftly.

Last week, the Bunny World Foundation (BWF) stepped in after the Los Angeles Animal Services Department sought their help.

Torcello, acknowledging the growing issue, reached out to BWF when he noticed a group of bunnies emerging from his tortoise’s burrow. The urgency to protect these rabbits from the elements and predators prompted the call for assistance.

Bunny Rescue: 100+ Rabbits Saved from California Backyard Hoard

Upon arriving at Torcello’s residence in the Granada Hills neighbourhood, BWF encountered what they described as a “massive backyard rabbit hoarding disaster.” The scene revealed a diverse group of rabbits, including babies, nursing mothers, juveniles, and adults, scattered across yards without proper protection.

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The foundation emphasized the need to rescue and shield the rabbits from potential harm, highlighting the vulnerability of these animals in an unprotected environment. The collaborative effort between Torcello, BWF, and the local animal services aims to address this unusual rabbit hoarding situation, ensuring the well-being of the furry inhabitants of Torcello’s backyard.

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