CSU Undergraduates Make History with Formation of Nation’s Largest Student Worker Union

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In a historic move, undergraduate student workers at California State University (CSU) have achieved a significant milestone by voting to establish the largest union of its kind in the nation. This groundbreaking decision marks a monumental victory for student assistants who have long advocated for improved working conditions and benefits.

The journey towards unionization has been a collective effort, fueled by the shared goal of securing better pay, access to sick leave, and other essential benefits for student workers. Many have voiced their struggles, highlighting challenges such as low wages and limited working hours without paid sick leave.

Isabel Chase, a student at Sacramento State, understands these challenges firsthand, balancing two jobs while navigating the demands of full-time student life. For her and many others, the formation of the union represents a crucial step towards addressing the needs of student workers.

The overwhelming support for unionization is evident in the resounding vote, with 7,050 out of 7,252 students expressing their endorsement. This victory is met with excitement and optimism, as students like Michael Lee Chang from Sacramento State celebrate the recognition of their demands for respect and fair treatment.

For Chang, who juggles five jobs alongside his academic commitments, the union represents a beacon of hope for thousands of student workers striving for a better future. The successful vote signals a turning point, paving the way for negotiations on the inaugural union contract with the university.

As they prepare to enter negotiations, student workers are filled with hope and determination, buoyed by recent successes of other unions within the CSU system. With their unwavering commitment and collective action, they are poised to secure a fair and equitable agreement that recognizes the invaluable contributions of student workers to the university community.

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The formation of this union not only represents a significant victory for student workers at CSU but also sets a powerful example for student labor movements across the nation. In their unity and resolve, these students have demonstrated the transformative potential of grassroots organizing in effecting positive change within higher education institutions.

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